Round Robin Quilt 2020-2021

As this is the first time a lot of us have done a round robin quilt, please read the entire document.


  • Remember once you sign up for this exchange, you are committed to meeting the deadlines and finishing our round. Others are depending on you.

  • Trust your friends to use just the right design and additional fabrics. You will not see your pieced top again till the big reveal.

  • Keeping this a secret is part of the fun. Please do not share your work with anyone in your group. Especially not the maker of the first block.

  • Look for or develop your own interesting design ideas. Talk to others outside your group for tips and ideas.

  • Always, Always use the best 100% cotton. Quilt store quality.

  • Very Important to remember to: Work on every quilt as you would want others to work on yours.


  • Sign up .

  • There will be 6 per group, The time line is on the Quilt Recipe page.

  • Please check off your name when your round is completed. Hand it to the next person on the list.

  • The Big Reveal will be at the Christmas party in 2021. This will be the first time the owners will see their completed quilt top.

  • You can bring your box to be handed to the next group member at a meeting or delivered if you wish. Hand off discretely at the meetings. NO PEEKING the owner might see it.

  • The last round person will hold the pieced top and extra fabric till the Big Reveal at our Christmas party 2021. The owner will be responsible for the back, quilting and bind their own quilt.

  • Put together a block of your choice or choose a panel. The larger the center, the more fabric that will be need to be add to each row. We will be putting 5 more rounds on this center, it can get very large with a large center. The end size depends on your starting piece. A typical center block would be 10-12 inches . I will have some photos for you to look at at the September meeting , Google Round Robin Quilts Or Medallion Quilts.

  • To protect each other from covid, make the box something that can be wiped down to sanitize.

  • If it is clear plastic, a pillow case would conceal the content.  No peeking.  Discretely hand it off.

  • You must fill out the Quilt recipe form (attached), it will stay with the box throughout the time.

  • Include it with your choice of center block or panel. This will set the tone of your quilt.

  • Add some to the main fabric or background or both that you would like used throughout your quilt. If you have no preferences, leave it up to the others.

  • If you have something or some color that you DO NOT want in your quilt, include a note in your box.

  • Each member of the group should consider passing along a small amount of the fabrics they used to be incorporated in future rounds. It makes a more cohesive look.

  • The owner may wish to add fat quarters, design ideas or anything else they wish to have included in the quilt.

  • Be sure to include a label for each member to sign, A fine tip sharpie works well.

  • In the box include a small notebook. This notebook will be used by each group member to give credit for patterns used, names of patterns, block names or anything pertinent to the round they have added. This information is especially important if you wish to submit your quilt to a show in the future. Remember Copyright laws!!

  • Look for inspiration online or in your pattern books. Look for creative ways to use the blocks or techniques you love. Appliques, paper piecing. Hand embroidery can be used in addition to pieced blocks. Embellishments, IE beads or crystals, can make it difficult to quilt. So be mindful of how you use anything to embellish.

  • Most important of all have fun, learn new techniques.

RECAP Your box will include:

A Quilt Recipe page.

Your center piece (block or panel.)

Fabrics you wish to have used.

A Label for the quilt.

A small notebook and any inspiration photos you wish.

When you hand it off, add some of the fabric you used.

Put your patterns and copyright info in the notebook.

Note to the owner if you wish.

Sign the label.

Conceal the quilt top so it can't be seen, Put the top in the pillowcase.

Check off your name on the quilt recipe.

Hand off to next person on the list.

Each hand off you will give one and get one., until the last round.

Last person on the list will hold the top till the December Big Reveal. If you are not able to attend, give it to another person other than the owner on your list to bring to the meeting.

If you are unable to do your at your turn , hand it on and ask for it to be returned later.

If you are stumped for ideas ask someone other than the owner of the center block.

Quilt Recipe Page

This page stays with the quilt till done.

Name Owner: _________________________ Phone number:___________________


Group Members: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Theme for this Quilt is:______________________________________________

What images would you like to see incorporated into this design?(ie Bird Houses,, Watering cans, and flowers in a spring time theme)________________________


Anything you DO NOT want used? ( ie:Color or pattern:)


What colors would you like incorporated? Attach swatches of fabric show your color preferences. You might attach a photo of a room you would like your finished quilt to be a part of, to give an idea of the color scheme. Attach photos of other quilts that have used this type of theme for inspiration. Do you like country, traditional or a funky bright look?___________________________________________________


Other Information:( Remember the less direction you give the bigger the surprise at the Big Reveal. _____________________________________________________________________

The Golden Rule when participating in Round Robin: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

First Block Due October 14,2020

Second Round December 9, 2020

Third Round February 13, 2021

Forth Round April 14, 2021

Fifth Round June 9,2021 It's getting bigger, take a little more time.

Big Reveal: December 8 2021 Our Christmas Party. Must be completed.

We can't wait to see what you can do. Let's be creative and make some beautiful Quilts.

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