Round Robin Quilt 2020-2021

We have six for the first round robin group.  Vyn, Elaine, Jan,  Sandy, Jimi and Anna.

If you want to start a group. Sign up at the next meeting,  When you have 5 or 6 interested,  you can decide as a group what your rules will be.  It is so much fun to see these progress

Quilt Recipe Page

This page stays with the quilt till done.

Name Owner: _________________________ Phone number:___________________


Group Members: _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Theme for this Quilt is:______________________________________________

What images would you like to see incorporated into this design?(ie Bird Houses,, Watering cans, and flowers in a spring time theme)________________________


Anything you DO NOT want used? ( ie:Color or pattern:)


What colors would you like incorporated? Attach swatches of fabric show your color preferences. You might attach a photo of a room you would like your finished quilt to be a part of, to give an idea of the color scheme. Attach photos of other quilts that have used this type of theme for inspiration. Do you like country, traditional or a funky bright look?___________________________________________________


Other Information:( Remember the less direction you give the bigger the surprise at the Big Reveal. _____________________________________________________________________

The Golden Rule when participating in Round Robin: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

First Block Due October 14,2020

Second Round December 9, 2020

Third Round February 13, 2021

Forth Round April 14, 2021

Fifth Round June 9,2021 It's getting bigger, take a little more time.

Big Reveal: December 8 2021 Our Christmas Party. Must be completed.

We can't wait to see what you can do. Let's be creative and make some beautiful Quilts.

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