New Meeting Place

Crossroads Assembly of God Church   1380 10th St, Florence OR 97439

Enter thru side doors on Maple Street.

No Food or snacks due to Covid Restrictions.

Meeting Notes

Note from our President:

Hello Spring. Isn’t it wonderful to see the flowers starting to bloom and the days getting warmer? Always gives me hope.

Well, bad news first. We will no longer be meeting at the Elks RV clubhouse; I am currently trying to get hold of the lodge downtown as well as the DAV to see if we can meet there. If anyone has any ideas or contacts, please let us know. So due to these unforeseen circumstances, we will not have an April meeting, As far as I know the Trunk Show and Borders class will still be held there. If that changes, we will let you know.

I will be gone for about 6 weeks, so if you have any help or problems, please contact Mary Bennett or any other Board member.

Good news is a lot of us have started or completed our vaccine protocol and hopefully we can get back to normal soon.

Start thinking about what you want to showcase at the Quilt Show May 14-15th. Also, don’t forget those boutique items.

In spite of these trying times, we have several new members and I can’t wait until we are all together and you can meet these women.

Please, please try to think of a meeting place, we don’t mind paying but some places want as much as $200 each meeting and we just can’t afford that.

Looking forward to getting back to normal soon. Miss you all.

Vyn Wayne



Rhododendron Quilt Guild Meeting

Held at the Elks RV Park Meeting Room

10 a.m., November 11, 2020

Rhododendron Quilt Guild

Meeting Minutes for March 10th , 2021

  • Held at the Elks RV Park Meeting Room
  • President Vyn Wayne began the meeting welcoming everyone. We had 18 attendees, 14 members and 4 guests. Members included 12 Attendees including Vyn Wayne, President, Mary Bennett, Vice President, Elaine Thornton, co Vice President,Sandy Davidson, secretary, Ruth Johnson, Membership and Directory chair, Jimi Wade, Anna LaVoie, Diana Funk, Jan Stevens plus five others. Guests included Barbara Burke, Diana Funk's daughter Connie Robertson, and Bev Jones. Also Cheryl Topping came with Barbara Harter.Judy Hruska, Karen Buckmaster and Janet Childers attended via Zoom.
  • Vyn requested people to report how many had received their vaccination so far. 5 attendees reported receiving their first shot.
  • Secretary Sandy Davidson read the minutes from the 10/14/20 meeting.
  • There was no Treasurer’s Report but Secretary Sandy Davidson read the totals from the various bank statements which equaled $9,280.74 as of January 29, 2021.
  • Membership Chair Ruth Johnson reported that RQG now has 48 members.
  • Stephanie McKenzie reported that Jackie Evans, who has recently moved to South California to be near family is in a nursery home recuperating from a broken hip. The trunk show has been moved to May 26th (the 4th Wednesday) and the border class is on the following day. There are openings for the class. Call Stephanie to reserve your seat.
  • Quilt show chairperson Sandy Davidson said the forms will be available at the next meeting and also attached to the newsletter.
  • Raffle quilts were displayed during the meeting. They are labeled A for Above the sea, B for below the sea, and C for Castle.
  • The donation portion of the proceeds of the raffle quilt will go to the Twin lakes Teen Christmas.
  • Advertising for the raffle quilt will be on a post card which Ruth Johnson is working on.
  • Joy of Quilting agreed to show the Raffle quilt at their store and they will also sell tickets there.
  • Show and Tell:   Diane Funk and Connie Robertson, Barb Harter, Vyn Wayne, Stephanie McKenzie, and Jan Stevens all showed various items.
  • President Vyn Wayne will be gone April and May. VP Mary Bennett will run the meeting.
  • Members participating in the Round Robins said it is going well. All are trying new techniques and have found themselves stretching their abilities. Future round robins rules may be to choose to put embellishments as the next layer instead than adding a row; another idea was to have a row by row , or to have slips with various techniques labeled on them put into a box, and then draw from the box the technique for that months block. Members were asked if they have participated in a round robin, to bring their item to show and tell for inspiration.
  • Stephanie McKenzie won the flowers that were the decorations on the serving table.
  • Meeting ended 11:40am
  • Respectfully submitted by Sandy Davidson, Secretary

Sew and Tell

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