Meeting Notes

Letter from President

January 2020 

Like most of us, I have several Facebook groups related to sewing and quilting. I love the fact that so many fellow quilters are always ready to answer a question, or share a hint. Lately, there have been many debates on fabric, so I’m curious, do you prewash your fabric before starting a quilt? I was taught not to prewash your fabric and you use cotton thread and batting, then they will all shrink together instead of bunching up. But some of you may have had success prewashing. These are the scraps of wisdom I love learning from all of you.

Valentine’s Day is next week. Are you making anything special? I’m working on candy treats for the kids at church. Sure hope I get them done. You all know how big a procrastinator I am. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, I just want to thank all our Valentines that put up with late dinners (or sometimes no dinner), retreat trips and the “Oh honey, there’s a fabric store, let’s stop”. It takes a special kind of person to put up with a quilter.

The Willamette Valley Quilt Expo was amazing. We got several good ideas to use for our quilt show during Rhody Days. Sandy is going to need lots of help, so start thinking about your entries as well as how you can assist during the show.

Quilt Run starts February 7th and runs through the 17th. Hope a lot of you can make at least a few of the participating shops.

Remember to be finishing up your UFO. I think I might make it this time.

We will be working on our gifts for Reedsport this month. If anyone has zippers they can donate, we would appreciate it. The Machine Embroidery group is meeting to prep the articles before we sew them together. Then during Elaine’s February class we will try to get them all competed. I must say, they are turning out pretty special and I have several ideas to make some of my own.

On a personal note, I just want to give a big shout out to everyone who has helped me during my first 6 months as President. Some days I feel overwhelmed and there has always been somebody ready to take a little off my plate to make my days easier. You are truly my angels in disguise.

Vyn Wayne



Minutes for Wednesday, January 8, 2020 Meeting

  • The meeting was brought to order by President Vyn Wayne at 10:20a.m. The delay was due to the fact that the door to the meeting room was locked and had to be opened by campground personnel. There were 29 attendees per membership Chairperson Ruth Johnson, including a visitor, Linda Waller, Pat Tellez' friend, and Jo Montoya, Maryann Newville's daughter. Welcome ladies!

  • A motion was made to approve the minutes of 12/09/19 with the correction of the spelling of Jean Amundson's name. Motion was seconded, and approved by the membership.

  • Treasurer's Report was given by Kathleen Congdon with total funds in the accounts being $10,972.54.

  • Stephanie McKenzie, Program Chairperson, reminded members about the January 22nd class which costs $10 each. She has the supply list. Doors will be open 9-9:30, class begins at 10 am. Stephanie reminded members the room will not be open for a sew day since we have the class. She suggested we have a salad bar that day. Stephanie will bring lettuce, Carol Wade offered to bring some bread, and a list went around for other items.

  • Elaine Thornton will be leading a class on zipper bags on February 26th. These zipper bags are made from placemats, and ours will be given to our guests from Reedsport who will be coming to the April 8th meeting Zippers for the placements must be longer than one edge of the placemat.

  • Sandy Davidson, Quilt show chairperson, stated that quilt show will be same format as last year. She reminded members that we can not charge to come into the building (Old School Furniture) as it is a business and we are their guests, but suggested we have a sign welcoming people, saying “ donate if you like what you see so we can do it again – and maybe even better! “ It will take place during Rhody Days, on Friday, May 15-Sat. May 16th. Set up on Thursday May 14th.

  • Ruth Johnson, membership chairperson, passed out bookmarks that have meeting information on them and requested members carry them to give to anyone who shows an interest in learning more about the guild. She stated 1,000 had been ordered.

  • Elaine Thornton, newsletter chairperson, stated that those members who said they do not use email, will get their newsletter at the business meeting each month. As of this time, Jackie Stillwell, Elaine Bradford, and Freida Doyle's are the only newsletters printed and are on the membership table.

  • Karen Buckmaster, hospitality chairperson, reported that we host the Reedsport Guild on April 8th. Suggestions were made that fat quarter, a candy bar, and a poem, be added to the zipper purse we are planning to make and give to them. Additionally, Karen is asking for help from a decorating committee, and asks that all members consider making breakfast dishes for our potluck that day. Sandy Davidson, Secretary, agreed to create and send an invitation to the Reedsport Guild.

  • President Vyn Wayne wants membership to consider whether we should continue Block of the Month as only three people are doing it lately. Next month BOM is pink, red and white for valentine's day, any pattern, size of the block should be 12 1/2”

  • UFO's – The next number is #2, due in March.

  • Show and Tell: Laura Matheny with panda head and rainbow back, Barb Chastain and table runner, and waterwheel quilt, Carol Wade with a fan quilt done by hand which was badly stained. Various ways to remove the stains were discussed, including using spray and wash, then rinse, then a paste of tide soap, then toothpaste, then spay and wash again. Jimi Wade showed a rescued top from St. Vinney's, and one that her 13 year old niece made, and a flowered one, plus 13 pillowcases which she will be donating today. Brenda Hull showed a table runner she made at the Joy of Quilting class, Judy Hruska showed a quilt with many, many little squares, Elaine Thornton showed her “So dear to my heart” quilt and her jacket, and Diana Funk showed a placemat made from 10” squares.

  • A retreat is being planned to take place during the Quilt Run in February. See Carri DeBolt if you are interested. Cost for retreats usually average $50 a night.

  • Willamette Quilt Show in Albany on Jan. 31st through Feb 1 and usually has 40-50 vendors. Vyn is planning on going on Friday, Jan 31.

  • Sisters Quilt Show – July 11th. Vyn Wayne and Cindy Russell are planning to take classes - one by the Egyptian tentmakers, the other a waterfall class.

  • Vyn has requested that perhaps someone may need to take over raffle ticket sales this year. Pat Bauer, who has been doing a tremendous job for years, has not been at a few meetings and was not there to ask to see her availability. No one responded to the request.

  • President Vyn Wayne will contact the Chamber of Commerce to ask about the Associate program as that may help with the advertising for the Quilt Show and the selling of quilt raffle tickets.

  • The current Raffle quilt is being worked on by the Thursday Threaders who will be laying it out at the next meeting on January 16th from noon to 4pm at Coast Village. All members interested in participating in this should contact Sandy Davidson.

  • President Vyn Wayne suggested a change to the bylaws that would make the Vice President in charge of the raffle quilt committee. VP could, of course, appoint a co-chair.

  • Sandy Davidson, current mystery Bag chairperson, has resigned her position to do this due to a lack of time. President Vyn Wayne agreed to do it for the February Meeting. Members need to decide whether it should be continued in its present form.

  • Elaine Thornton announced the formation of a Machine Embroidery satellite group that will meet at the Bromley Room at the Siuslaw Library on January 14th. Elaine will show how to download files from websites, show various stabilizers, and several people have offered to bring their embroidery machines.

  • Jimi Ward announced that she picked up a new iron for the RQG at the Goodwill Store. Sandy Davidson agreed to put it in storage with the other items.

  • Meeting adjourned 11:55pm.

  • Respectfully submitted by Sandy Davidson, Secretary 1/17/20

Membership:   By Ruth Johnson

The attendance at the business meeting/pot luck Dec 11th was 30 members. There were no visitors and no new members.   

Sew and Tell February 12, 2020

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Next Block of the Month.March 2020

Colors to use:

 White background,  Greens, Pinwheels.  any size pinwheels to fin February Blocks were won  Kathy Brown .

 Mystery Bags were won by Kathy Brown and Janet Childers  Starting next month, No mystery bags, but will change to 50/50 drawing.  3 tickets for $1.00 or 18 for $5.00

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