Meeting Notes

Note from our President:

How wonderful to see so many members last meeting. Still doesn’t feel normal with masks and no hugs, but I feel like we are getting closer to whatever our new normal is.

Vyn, President



Rhododendron Quilt guild Board Meeting

Held at Joy of Quilting classroom
10 a.m., November 10, 2020
Attendees included: Vyn Wayne, President; Mary Bennett, Vice President; Sandy Davidson, Secretary; Kathleen Congdon and Judy Hruska, Treasurers; Ruth Johnson, Directory; Elaine Thornton, Newsletter; Jimi Wade, Jan Stevens, Stephanie McKenzie
Just before the beginning of the meeting, Ruth Johnson distributed the new Directory and ID cards for all present.President Vyn Wayne opened the meeting and thanked all for attending.
Some discussion ensued about Covid 19, with Vyn stating that it was reported that the virus is mutating to be less lethal.
First on the agenda was discussion about the Holiday get together on December 9th. Due to Covid restrictions, it was decided that each person should bring enough finger food or desserts for 6 people. People should also bring their own serving pieces to serve themselves and their own personal silverware.One of the games being played at the event will be the sock exchange that was played last year. Socks are to be filled with small gifts (candy, pencil cases, fat quarters, dollar store items, which may or may not be sewing related). The game is played by having a sock assigned to each sock when it is brought to the event. Then later on attendees pick a number from a container to see which sock they will receive. At the end all attendees wear the sock on their hand for a group picture. It was great fun last year and should be again! Jan Stevens is in charge of hospitality.
Vyn reported that veteran quilts are getting low at the Elks. 16 quilts were taken to the Veteran home last month and a bunch of cookies. They need more lap quilts donated, 45”x60” or larger.
Sandy Davidson reported that the quilt show will be held May 14 and 15, 2021 during Rhody Days festival at Old School Furniture with set up on May 13th.
Twin Lakes store Teen Tree program was to be the recipient of the Quilt Raffle money but as we did not have not been able to sell tickets this year, it was recommended that members support their program and donate to them personally if they are able. Basically teens list things they want and need on a list that gets posted on a tree beginning December first. The owner throws a party for the teens near Christmas.
Vyn suggested that RQG members take pictures of their decorated holiday homes and post them on the RQG Facebook page. The Elks are doing this as well.
Treasurer Kathleen Congdon distributed a copy of the proposed budget and reviewed particular items.
President Vyn Wayne gave a key to the RQG storage unit to Hospitality Chairperson Jan Stevens. A discussion took place about obtaining kayak hangers and making some sort of vertical storage for the quilt display holders that are stored there. Elaine Thornton agreed to investigate the cost of kayak hangers.
It was suggested that maybe Joy of Quilting and Wenz Daze Quilt Emporium display the raffle quilts when they are finished. The quilts are beaded and embellished. Right now, Anna LaVoie, Jackie Stillwell and Mary Bennett each have one of the quilts and are finishing up the binding of them. Elaine offered her husband Allen's service to taking the photographs of them for publicity.
Stephanie arrived at 10:45 and gave her report on Programs. The trunk show is set for March 24 and the class on March 25th here at the Elks RV park. She has Shelia Sinclair of Junction city tentatively scheduled for February 24th.
Stephanie suggested that the member reimbursement for teaching classes to raised to $150 from the current $100.00 This was tabled due to covid restrictions and the reduced participation at quilt meetings at this time.
Stephanie suggested a new stronger quilt display frame be bought to show the raffle quilts. She found one under $100. It was agreed by all present that this was an excellent idea.Meeting ended around 11:20 a.m.

Respectfully submitted by Sandy Davidson, Secretary



Rhododendron Quilt Guild Meeting

Held at the Elks RV Park Meeting Room

10 a.m., November 11, 2020

  • There were 12 attendees to the meeting. Former member Mona Lieberenz joined today. There are now 47 RQG members.

  • President Vyn Wayne began the meeting at 10:20 a.m. Minutes were approved as published in the newsletter.

  • Treasurer Kathleen Congdon gave the Treasurer’s Report. There is $2,221.45 in the General Fund, $5,248.89 in the Education Fund, $3,018.12 in the Money Market account, for a total of $10,190.31.

  • Program chairperson Stephanie McKenzie confirmed those present who were still planning on attending the border class on March 25. (Trunk show will be held on March 24th).

  • Discussion about the Holiday get together on December 9th took place. Due to Covid restrictions, it was decided that each person should bring enough finger food or desserts for 6 people. People should also bring their own serving utensils to serve themselves and their own personal silverware. The reason for each personal serving utensils is to reduce the opportunity for germs to be passed from person to person.

  • Vyn suggested that RQG members take pictures of their decorated holiday homes and post them on the RQG Facebook page. The Elks are doing this as well.

  • Ruth Johnson will be sending in the order for Raffle quilt tickets shortly. It was decided that there will be an “A”. “B”, and “C” on the bottom so that people could choose which quilt they want to receive should they have the winning ticket. The drawing will be on December 6th at the RQG Board meeting with the hopes that the recipients will be there to receive it at the RQG holiday party on December 8th, 2021.

  • Anna LaVoie showed and shared a pattern for a name tag purse.

  • RQG does not pay for the use of the meeting room. We provide quilts to the Veterans instead. They have need of more lap quilts. Any pattern may be used. The Veterans are thrilled to have any kind of homemade items. Due to Covid restrictions, the Elks are not taking homemade cookies to the Veteran Home, but are buying them instead.

  • Show and Tell: Diana Funk showed a Green River Log Cabin Quilt and a Snowman Wall Hanging. Ruth Royse showed a scrappy quilt and a puppy.

  • The meeting adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

  • Respectfully submitted by Sandy Davidson, Secretary.

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